Pools & hot tubs cleaning, maintenance & repairs ... we do them all

53 years and still counting, Swim Blue has been helping Delta, Tsawwassen and Vancouver area homeowners get the most out of their pools and hot tubs.

Our expert staff provide a range of services from weekly cleaning and maintenance programs, repairs, or helping you so you can care for your own pool. In our store we carry a wide variety of products including accessories, equipment, and free computerized water analysis so you can instantly determine exactly which chemicals you'll need to perfectly balance your water.

We are all about pools

Cleaning & Servicing

With our weekly maintenance plans we will take care of your pool and hot tub on a regular basis keeping your water perfectly balanced so you can relax and enjoy it.


Pool & Hot Tub Chemicals & Supplies

We have all the chemicals, parts, and equipment you need! We also offer free local delivery or you can visit our store in Tsawwassen.


Repairs & Upgrades

If something isn’t working, our staff can help diagnose and fix your pumps, motors, filters, cleaners, equipment, and heaters.


Education & Training

Let us help you understand how your pool or hot tub works and what it requires to maintain it yourself.


Tsawwassen, Delta, Surrey & Vancouver area pools & hot tubs maintenance & repair services.

Cleaning. Repairs. Servicing.

We jump in your pool or hot tub - with or without water in it - and take care of all issues that need to be addressed. After all we don't go in there to relax or enjoy it, unlike you do!